Thursday, 27 April 2017

OOTD - 22 - Yellow


Long time no see,whoopsie.

Otsustasin teha postituse outfitist,mida kandsin lihtsalt ühel vabal päeval linnas asju ajades ja peale seda sain kokku oma sôbrannaga,kellega käisime lôunatamas ja otsustasime lihtsalt autoga ringi sôita ja juttu rääkida,kuna oli aga esimene tôesti ilus pàikesepaisteline ilm,siis pidime lihtsalt ka môned pildid tegema! :) Nalja sai sellega ikka Oi kui palju.

Igatahes,siin on siis mu outfit,nagu alati,palju musta ja peal kollane nahktagi,mis sobis sellesse päeva ideaalselt :) . Mu go-to Outfit ongi selline,teksad-tsàrk ja peal siis mingi khuul jakk,sp ma neid igast erinevas vàrvitoonis endale soetanud olengi :)

I decided to do a post about my outfit from one random day,when I went to downtown and after that met with my friend for a lunch and then decided to go and drive around with a car and just chat,but because it was the first sunny day in Estonia,we just had to take some photos,that was actually a lot of fun ! :D

Fowever,here is my outfit,all black like always with a pop of color with my yellow leather jacket,that suited with this day perfectly. This is actually my go-to outfit,jeans and a t-shirt with some kind of cool jacket,thats why I've bought these jackets in so many different colors :)

Hope you enjoy and more posts comeing soon,I promise ! :)

( jeans - H&M,top - Zara,jacket - Bershka,shoes - Nike,Sunnies - Tiger )

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  1. Naughty girl! Taking a month off. Looking forward to seeing more from you.



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